Modern Kitchen Designs | Professional Kitchen Remodeling by Compose Decor

A kitchen with your own taste. The kitchen is the most important part of the home. Let us design a custom kitchen that you will fall in love with every day, using attractive shapes, unusual textures, and the greatest quality in the market. Our designs reflect comfort, functionality and versatility.

Compose Decor Team understand that each project is unique and customized to the customer’s specific tastes. Architects, builders, designers, real states agents, and homeowners trust us to bring their concepts to life, on time and within budget. Bring us your ideas and dreams and we’ll turn it into reality.

And this is how we do it…

  • Personalized Service throughout the design and construction process.
  • Site Measurements.
  • Design and Space Planning with CAD, 3D Imaging and elevations.
  • Custom cabinets 100% made in USA.
  • Laminates, Wood Veneer, Polymer and Lacquer finishes are available.
  • Complete line of kitchen cabinet hardware and accessories that includes: pull-out pantry, blind corner system, lazy susan, drawer dividers, trash cans, recycling, and much more accessories that will help to make your kitchen functional and organized.
  • Countertops fabrication and installation in Quartz, Krion, Neolith, and Natural Stone.
  • Plumbing Fixtures: kitchen sinks and faucets.

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