Composé Decor

Composé Decor is a pioneering company in the field of home décor, design, and fashion. Originally based in Brazil, Composé Decor has ensured the highest standards in service, detail and quality by compiling a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. With or company, customers can rest assured of receiving fair pricing and manageable payment plans which are ultimately geared toward customer satisfaction and comfort.

With over 100 suppliers in various categories, Composé Decor specializes in fine porcelain floors and tiles in a broad range of finishes and sizes. Furthermore, Composé Decor has the flexibility to accessorize, custom kitchens, bathrooms, television fixtures and many more decorative features.

In 2013, the brand celebrated its 20th anniversary and expanded its creative concept. As a cultural hotbed loved by Brazilians, Miami has been chosen as the venue for the first Composé Decor showroom outside of Brazil; having a great location in the Design District in Miami. You will be able to appreciate all the variety of tiles that we have in stock, our custom-made displays, such as, kitchen, closet, vanity, and home theater unit.

The fusion of our concept and creativity with the cosmopolitan style, majestic downtown skyline, and bustling art-deco district will ensure that Composé Décor will be leader in the home design industry for many years to come.


Compose Decor works with only high end manufactures in the world.